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How Quiz Clothing integrated to Matalan in two weeks

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Quiz was founded in 1993 and initially started trading with three stores in Scotland. Since then, the fashion brand has grown significantly, operating through an omnichannel business model.

A core principle of Quiz’s strategy is to make its occasion wear and dressy casual wear available to fashion-forward customers across third-party online partners. Over the last year, Quiz has been using Scalably to deliver:

  • Third-party integrations in weeks, not months
  • Minimise impacts and change requests on internal systems
  • Resilient and scalable solutions that they can rely on

This blog post delves into the case study of Quiz’s direct integration to Matalan using the Scalably platform.

Two Week Challenge


In mid-October 2023, negotiations were finalised for Quiz to launch an initial range of products on the Matalan website. A key goal was for the launch to happen in readiness for Black Friday and Christmas trading. This goal provided a two week window for all testing to be completed and the initial range of products to be presented for onboarding.

To enable an integration such as this, Quiz knew they needed to use an integration partnership that could connect them fast, but as significantly, in an automated, seamless, risk-free manner that wouldn’t affect their peak trading and performance across their other eCommerce channels.

“Once we decided to partner with Matalan, we needed to have our range available on their website before Peak Trading to maximise the potential and grow our customer base.” Haroun Saleemi, Head of eCommerce at Quiz Clothing

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Quiz turned to Scalably for their integration into Matalan.

With Scalably, Quiz knew that scaling to a new marketplace would be simple. Only minor changes would be needed to add Matalan to Quiz’s OMS and WMS, whilst Scalably would create a seamless connection using their existing integration to Quiz for product, price, stock and orders.

Scalably’s development of a new connection to Matalan was accelerated through using an in-house developed Mirakl API connector, with only a few minor tweaks required to the order workflow to ensure a frictionless fit into Quiz.

Using the purpose-developed mapping engine for marketplaces, Scalably quickly customised the Quiz product catalogue for Matalan, translating data perfectly to match Matalan-specific values before it was loaded into Mirakl. Going above and beyond, Scalably introduced an AI enrichment process to create “Product Copy" that would meet Matalan’s standards and provide a reliable and consistent output that required no manual intervention from Quiz.

“Scalably delivers an automated and reliable third-party integration solution that works seamlessly with our internal systems and ensures we maintain high standards in delivering our products directly to customers.” Haroun Saleemi, Head of eCommerce at Quiz Clothing

Blog Results Christmas Sales


The integration between Quiz and Matalan went smoothly. All products were onboarded first time into Matalan, and orders started flowing on the Wednesday ahead of Black Friday.

Quiz saw an immediate increase of over 15% in their third-party online orders from Matalan alone, with a return on investment for the integration after just the first week of launch.

The integration between Matalan and Quiz remains strong, with Scalably providing ongoing support to launch new ranges on the website as stock becomes available and ensuring the delivery of orders and order updates between the two businesses.

“Since using the Scalably platform and expertise, we know that the integration to our Third Parties is in safe hands, leaving the Quiz eCommerce team to focus on trading and making the right products available.” Haroun Saleemi, Head of eCommerce at Quiz Clothing

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Posted on January 30, 2024